Sunday February 25, 2024

Zagreb World Sax Congress


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Jesus Nunez

Jesús Núñez studied in C.E.M. Andrés Segovia of Dos Hermanas (Sevilla), C.P.M. Francisco Guerrero and C.S.M. Manuel Castillo of Sevilla, with Alfonso Romero Ramírez, José Carlos Luján and José Antonio Santos. He has won several prizes, both national and international. He has also participated in different festivals and concert cycles in Sevilla, Cádiz, Madrid, Valencia, Badajoz, Rouen, Ljubljana, Brest, Pontinvrea, Dublin, Edinburgh, Strasbourg, Palmela and Porto, etc. He has premiered works of the composers Paco Toledo, Antonio J. Flores, Juan de Dios García Aguilera, Paula Yturriaga, Eneko Vadillo, Nuria Núñez, Norah Walsh, Jaime González, Ana Teruel and others. He has taught masterclass and courses in Sevilla, Granada, Edinburgh, Cádiz, Madrid, etc. He has collaborated on several CDs such as "Monográfico de Fernando Villanueva", "Diálogos", "Open your mind", "S3" ... He has done a continuous work from 2004 to 2009, with Marie-Bernadette Charrier (saxophone teacher at the Conservatoire de Bordeaux, France). Currently he is part of the Dúo SinCronía (with the pianist Noelia Sierra), the Dúo Lisus (along with the saxophonist Lidia MuñozCuarteto Itálica and S3-Spectral Sax Style (with the composer Juan de Dios García Aguilera). He receives private composition lessons from Alfonso Romero Ramírez (member of ECCA) and he is a saxophone teacher at C.P.M. "María de Molina" of Úbeda.