Saturday May 25, 2024

Zagreb World Sax Congress


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Sebastien Tremblay2

Sébastien Tremblay starts playing the saxophone at age fourteen. Two years later, he begins formal studies with Pierre Bourque at "Le Conservatoire de musique de Quebec.” Prize winner of the Canadian Music Competition in November 1990, he is the invited soloist by "L'Orchestre du Conservatoire de Quebec" with whom he performs Villa‑Lobos' Fantasia for Soprano Saxophone and Orchestra at "Le Grand Theatre de Quebec.” He is awarded the First Prize from "Le Conservatoire" in 1991, and has since frequently appeared in concert in Quebec, Canada, France, Sweden and United States. In 1991 also, he wins the Gerard‑Bastien Prize and, under the direction of Pierick Houdy with whom he studied composition, graduates with the Prize in Musical Writing from "Le Conservatoire de Quebec.” Scholarship holder from "Le Conseil des Arts du Quebec" and from the "Canada Arts Councils,” he lives in France for three years where he studies saxophone with Jean‑Yves Fourmeau, musical writing and analysis with Marcel Bitsch and Claude Ballif and musical composition with Stephane Delplace. He obtains the Gold Medal at "L'Ecole Nationale de Musique de Cergy‑Pontoise" in June 1995 and the same year, signs a contract with "Les Editions Gerard Billaudot" in Paris, for his Sonata in E flat for solo saxophone. In April 1996, he performs the world premiere of his own alto saxophone transcription of the complete Sonatas for solo violin by J. S. Bach. In 1999, he founded the record company Neume Phonographe and produced his first CD recording as a composer and performer, The Classical Saxophone. Since 1997, Sebastien Tremblay turned towards one of his passions, the soundtracks for theatre and cinema. In 2002, his music composed for Rom Kata production L’Autre Vie d’Eva, received warm reception from audiences and critics. In 2004, he wrote music for Shakespeare Richard the Third directed by Ted Mornel and presented at Gene Frankel Theatre in New York City. He also worked on Philippe Blanchard adaptation of Denis Arcand’s movie The Decline of the American Empire that took place in New York City. He is the principal orchestrator of Gatineau Symphonic Orchestra since 2010. He worked with singers such as Bruno Pelletier, Luc de Larochelière, Marie-Denise Pelletier, etc. Also, the O.S.G. created his first symphony “Dedicated to Beethoven” in November 2013 at Odyssée concert hall in Gatineau.

Sebastien Tremblay



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